13 Tenets of Adore India

Tenets of Adore India


  1. Empowerment is more important than mere charity
  2. Growing Together – the children, volunteers and the society
  3. Every child needs to develop more – at whatever stage of development he or she be.
  4. Positive Action – as against mere debates and discussions  
  5. Continuous Action – There has to be constant growth – however small it be.
  6. Being humble and caring
  7. Strive beyond Comfort Zone
  8. Reward for Good Work is getting more work to do
  9. Focus on Learning, doing your duty. Results will Come
  10. Be better than yesterday. There is Always Room for Improvement
  11. Compete with yourself and get motivated from others.
  12. To Begin is a Success – do not procrastinate
  13. More you do – more you make mistake – more you learn. Learn from your mistakes
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