Our Country Responsibility

Dear Students,

It is our responsibility to care for our country, our motherland. So we need fresh ideations from young minds who have to come forward to show a brighter way to success. Let the youth give a glimpse of our future because it is them who will shape it.

Join us in this small initiative in your own way and paint a picture of the society that you want to build. The basic theme around which the students have to work is

“How I Can Help Bring about the desired change? What is my responsibility towards the society and the country? How can I serve my family and my teachers? ”

Write a story, an essay, or even a poem if you are adept at expressing yourself through words. You need not restrict yourself to words only. Any form of art which expresses your thought is welcome. It can be a painting, a skit, an original composition of a music piece or even a dance act expressing your thought for our society, country, family and people around you.


Every acceptable (genuine and sincere) effort will be credited with a certificate. Messages having an edge of practical implementation will be recognized with a place in our website as well

Take out some time from the busy hum-drum life and indulge in some art and literature and express your love for the society that you want to make and Adore India.


The entries should be hand-written (except video/audio entries) and original.

Send the entries to Adore India, 11A/1D East Topsia Road, Kolkata – 700046.

The audios/ videos can be directly sent through email. (

Date of submission – within 45 days from the date of this letter.

Adore India’s decision to accept any material or to issue certificate or to upload on the website will be final and binding to all.  The submitted material will become property of Adore India, but remain in the name of student submitting it.



Date: 8th March 2016