What does Adore India do?

Adore India motivates youth to work for the betterment of the society and the country. It’s a network of young citizens who are working for the development and betterment of the society and country. 

 What are the volunteers required to do?

The volunteers  motivate young students to become better and responsible students. They interact with younger students once a week or fortnight. They also take up small projects which benefit the society.

What are the timing and the duration for volunteering ?

There are no fixed working hours or stipulations. The volunteers adjust their time with their career plan and interests.  Even few hours per week can give good results.  

How do the volunteers contact the students for activities or sessions?

Volunteers can approach schools, colleges, Teachers known to them, other students in their locality etc. It is a gradual process and requires patience and initiative.


Are their certificates for the volunteers?

Adore India does not want volunteers to work for the sake of certificate. Due recognition of work happens over social media and website.  Also Letter of acknowledgement based on volunteer’s own statements are available.


What benefit do the volunteers get?

They do not get any monetary benefits. But they get immense happiness and satisfaction for being able to contribute to the nation and society. They do get recognition for the work done by them.  Those seeking any monetary gains or certification must not join Adore India.

Millions of people all over the world volunteer for their countries. The urge has to be from within. One should have a sense of responsibility towards the country. It is also our responsibility towards the nation to help in its betterment and development. Adore India does not believe in seeking funds for the administrative expenses as everyone works voluntarily

What is the duration of volunteering?

We encourage volunteers to work for as long as possible. Since it is a flexible volunteering work, you can always be associated with it forever as responsible citizens of India.

 Do you have offices and people to help volunteers?

 We do not work through offices and departments but in almost every major city there are other volunteers who are working. The new volunteers can join them. Our coordinators will help them get in touch with the volunteers. The details are available here

For more details and queries, please call us on 8620886744 or whatsapp 9830089210 or send email to

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