How Adore India Volunteers Work

School Students are confused in the changing modern set-up. They cannot communicate with parents and teachers freely because of generation gap and lack of time. Hence they get easily carried away by their own misguided friends and classmates. They lack the much needed guidance, counselling and mentoring. This gap can be filled by progressive and positive minded senior college students and young professionals. The seniors can relate with the younger students much better and help them improve themselves.  They can establish a friendly elder brother/sister rapport with the younger students.

Some Problems being faced by Students 

  1. Lack of awareness about importance of education
  2. Lack of knowledge about educational facilities and govt. aid
  3. Lack of academic guidance and tutoring
  4. Ever increasing gap between “bright” students and average students
  5. Lack of direction and role models
  6. Forced employment and drop-out
  7. Problems in the family and lack of care
  8. Lack of conducive academic environment in the family
  9. Break in studies resulting in permanent drop-out
  10. Lack of interest in studies due to various reasons
  11. Undue pressure and behavioral problems
  12. Indulgence in negative habits and indiscipline
  13. Lack of knowledge about future prospects
  14. Lack of understanding, compassionate  and friendly guidance

A weekly interaction with Adore India Volunteers give the students support, confidence direction and slowly and steadily solve many of the above problems. The volunteers plan the following activities in a phased manner. A few activities are carried over several sessions in a phased manner. During every  session one or more of these activities are taken up.



  1. Individual and group problems and seek solutions from each other
  2. Better career and importance of education
  3. Teaching Soft skills and talents necessary for a better life
  4. Motivating them to Use time and resources constructively
  5. Being disciplined students and citizens
  6. Quizzes and games to develop a positive attitude
  7. Taking up community activities for improving society and country
  8. Teaching curriculum subjects like Math, Science etc.
  9. Inculcating habits which help in protecting environment and resources etc.
  10. Spreading awareness in their family and neighborhood
  11. Making them goal oriented and self-confident
  12. Meeting parents and finding how things can be improved
  13. Meeting the teacher and discussing improvement
  14. Motivating and praising good behavior
  15. Discussing about harmful activities and habits
  16. Guidance about better hygiene and sanitation
  17. Inculcating feelings of responsibility and civic sense
  18. Maintain a long term rapport and communication for higher studies