Adore India is a network of  young dynamic visionaries actively inspiring youth and setting them on a path of positive growth thereby transforming the society. These activities transcend the boundaries of classroom learning to foster creativity, discipline and confidence in students. They acquire a sense of satisfaction and the experience moulds them into a better soul.

Adore India volunteers are selfless and committed youngsters who dedicate few hours per week to interact with and motivate youngsters.Adore India volunteering is expected to provide a volunteer, an opportunity to augment confidence, personality and responsibility along with leadership skills.

  1. Full-time volunteering (Internship) is provided to students who can commit few hours of working (few hrs per day for a period of two to four months.  
  2.  To be eligible for a certificate, volunteers must have actively worked for 240 hrs or more and conducted several sessions fruitfully. We do not want students to associate with us just for the sake of a certificate.
  1. Internship (Full-time volunteering) work includes all or some of these activities:
    • Conducting interactive sessions with school students in and around the city.
    • Conducting surveys and awareness campaigns on various issues related to youth and society.
    • Involving other volunteers in their activities and also participate in ongoing activities
    • Reaching out to various schools in and around the city and explain Adore India program and seek participation.
    • Reaching out to college students and explain to them the Adore India program.
    • Implementing some of the ongoing programs of Adore India in the city
    • Social Media promotion and content development
    • Other related activities which fulfill the objectives of Adore India.
  2. Interns are required to provide a report of work done, in prescribed format, on each day of working. They  are guided over phone/email etc and hence proper and regular communication is compulsory. Internships are available in all major cities of India  and capital of other countries.
  3. Students, desiring to Intern with Adore India, must go through the website, understand the concept and be interested in working as a volunteer in the long run. They also need to attend few activities, before joining to understand the objectives and process better.
  4. “Letter of Introduction” in PDF format is issued  and other resources are provided. Also, Interns may be added to the relevant WhatsApp Groups and get introduced with existing local volunteers.

 For any more queries, feel free to contact us via phone/WhatsApp/email. 8620886744, 9830089210 or

The following are the perceived benefits of Adore India Internship (Full-time volunteering), as conveyed by the  volunteers:

Benefits of Volunteering/Interning with Adore India 

  •  Leadership – Volunteers get a platform to be a leader and not just a follower. There are a lot of opportunities to take up initiatives and to guide others thus enhancing one’s leadership skills. Thus one can be the team leader of projects.
  • Communication skills and Public Speaking Skills-  Volunteers interact with other volunteers, interns, students, parents and others thus communication skills as well as public speaking skills increases.
  • Inner Satisfaction – The work volunteers do with kids shows a result in their behaviour and their attitudes towards life In general and it gives them a lot of satisfaction to know that they have touched a life and made a difference in someone’s life.
  • Goal Setting – Volunteers have to set daily goals that they need to achieve. This helps in staying focused and organised for any work that they do.
  • Time Management – Here at Adore India Punctuality and Time management is very important. Volunteers need to reach the schools on time, a specific time is given for each session thus they need to complete their set target for that session within time. So volunteers learn how to manage their time effectively to complete the given work in the specified time frame.
  • Network of Like Minded-People – At Adore India each volunteer and intern believes in the goal to motivate the youth. Thus they interact with people who have a similar mind set.
  • Responsibility – An entire session and project is handed over to the volunteer and the volunteer is solely responsible for it. So volunteers become more responsible and they can handle projects more easily.
  • Farsightedness – Volunteers have to develop projects that will have an impact on the life of the children. So they learn how to look into the future and see how your actions will impact the children.
  • Joy Of Serving and Learning – Volunteers get a platform to learn new things and at the same time they get the joy of giving back to the society by the work they do.
  • Confidence – Volunteers get the confidence to do the work on their own,overcome the fears that they have and to be independant.
  • Exposure- Volunteers meet and interact with a lot of people thus they get a lot of exposure which helps them to see things from another dimension.
  • Hard Work – Each project or session takes a lot of effort and hard work from all involved in it to make it a success and to add any value to the lives of the people it is being imparted to.
  • Awareness – The sessions that volunteers  take and the work that they do makes them aware of the different problems that students are facing. Thus they become more aware of their surroundings and you are exposed to an entirely new world of reality.
  • Creativity – Each kid has different problems and different understanding levels. Thus a lot of creativity is needed to come up with different ideas for projects and sessions to be  able to reach out to each kid and to make a difference.