Session Wise Planning


Adore India volunteers can decide on the type of activity based on the profile of the students. The choice of activities will depend on:

  • Age (below 9, 10-12, above 13 etc.)
  • Educational background (English medium, govt. school, private school etc.),
  • Economic background (access to internet, mobile, TV, etc.),
  • Parents’ background (literate, employed, self-employed, skilled, unskilled etc.)
  • Academic level (academically high marks, medium marks, poor in studies etc.)


The need of the students should be understood before planning/modifying the sessions. (For e.g. if the student does not have access to internet, then it is futile to discuss time wastage on face book). Each session is of one-two hour duration. Academic subject (Maths, Science etc.) can also be taken up during the sessions, if necessary.  Order of the activities can be decided on mutual comfort level. Even advice from teachers/Principal can be taken. The activities given in sessions 10, 14, 15, 17 can be repeated.  Session activities and experiences need to be noted at the back of this sheet.


SESSION / WEEK                                        ACTIVITY                  REMARKS
1 Warm up session, introduction, what the students like/don’t like. Understanding each other This is for building up a rapport and comfort level. Write likes and dislikes on the board. Let the students speak
2 What are good habits? Let each student speak List it on the board and ask them to note down
3 Good Habits self- assessment form and discussion Form available in kit. Make minor changes/ explain in local language, if necessary. Do not take the form back from students. Let them self-analyze
4 Social and Environmental Knowledge. Discuss the importance and how they can make a difference Every student should be motivated to give a point.
5 Provide the pledge form and ask them to spread awareness in their own locality Forms provided in the kit. They can bring in the filled in form during next session. Explain/translate in local language
6 Discuss pledge form related experience of each of the student. Also their confidence level and feelings Have a round of applause for the students as they narrate their experience
7 Discuss about the importance of education for development of the student Ask them the advantages of education and the disadvantage of illiteracy
8 Discuss the linkage between national development and individual development Show the importance of youth in the building of a better society. Take points from students
9 Can students make a difference to the society around them? How, what? Discussion action plan and think of an activity. Plan out for next session. Suggestion list in guideline booklet
10* Implement the activity finalized last time It could be cleanliness drive, tree plantation, awareness campaign, visiting an old age home etc.
11 Academic, school related Discussion The problems faced by each of the students in the school and the importance to move ahead despite constraints.
12 India Glory Quiz You can get ideas from the kit or prepare/ask for the questions. Quiz available in Kit
13 Soft Skills related discussion. Ask each student to give one example. Select one skill for next session. Check list in guidelines booklet
14* Take up the soft skill training Be prepared and take comfortable soft skill/subject.
15* Motivational Activity Think of what is needed and send us an email for suggestions
16 Importance of physical exercises Discussion and make a list of problems and solutions
17* Play an outdoor game
18 Discuss Career options. Let students speak first Provide additional inputs. Discuss various career options and scope
19 Importance of skill training for  career Discuss the various skills which have a good scope in the market and are useful.
20 Importance of health, hygiene and sanitation How can we improve our health and hygiene? Discuss issues and problems
21 Good and healthy food discussion Which foods are healthy or unhealthy? Discuss and make a list.
22 Improve life  assessment Self- assessment form available in kit
23 Civic Sense and importance Discussion. Also use the form in the kit
24 Study better tips Discuss and also tell them about various tips. Available in the kit
25 Discuss our culture, heritage and natural resources Make them proud of the country and society
26 Essay writing on a relevant topic Take up a topic based on the discussions held so far
27 Goal setting for students Motivate the students to look forward to their lives and set a goal
28 Explaining Positive attitude Discuss examples of positive and negative attitude.
29 Analyzing ones strengths and weakness Conduct the exercise and discuss
30 Time utilization exercise Conduct a self-assessment analysis. Available in Kit
31 Importance of yoga, meditation, prayer, pranayama You can ask for a friend to help
32 Meet the parents One of the sessions can be used for meeting the parents


Name of Volunteer(s)________________________________Place____________________Ph. NO___________

Please Record the Activities conducted by you so that you can keep track of work done and also the development. The suggestions are given  in  the action guidelines and also SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES FOR ADORE INDIA SESSIONS  at the back of this page