Area Ambassador  in Girl Rising India
Coordinator in Adore India
Pursuing Human Rights and holding a vision to groom and provide behavioral  conditional training to boys
Aspiring for civil services
 Resides in Ambala City Haryana India


Serving people and adoring India are what I have always loved. Starting from my school days to the memorable college ones, I have taken part in many social activities/projects. During my B.Tech from BE College, Shibpur (now- IIEST, Shibpur), I started up a social venture to make the poor students of our nation computer literate. During the 3 years of my corporate journey, I was an active volunteer of Outreach (the CSR wing of Cognizant Technology Solutions) where I got the opportunity to work with a number schools, orphanages and old age homes. During my MBA at XIMB, I have done a number of projects on social entrepreneurship for the uplift of the “bottom of the pyramid” people. A few campaigns, I initiated, on computer literacy and slum literacy, impacted our society in a positive way. I got an unexpected excellent response from the campaigns. Being the coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Cell and Incubation Centre of XIMB, XUB, I could help many NGOs by making their organizational strategy, helping to build branding of their NGOs and finally implementing the needful for the welfare of our society.
Adore India has been very close to my heart. Volunteering here gives me immense pleasure. I believe it’s a very good platform for our youths to work for our society. Let’s keep adoring India! Let’s make a change with a vision of a better India!


Best Regards,


Krishna Sil
Coordinator, X-SEED, The Entrepreneurship Cell of XIMBXUB
Co-founder, RECOM, A Social Entrepreneurial Venture, BE College,Shibpur
City Coordinator, Bhubaneswar || Adore India
LinkedIn  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter  || +91 78099 81912

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I am Sanjelyn. I have been a volunteer of Adore India for one year now until now. I am an enthusiastic environmentalist and have involved myself in several activities to conserve Mother Nature. Apart from being an environmentalist, I am also highly concerned about our society and its well-being, which made me join Adore India. Being a volunteer of Adore India has been a life-changing experience for me, where I have learnt leadership skills along with other skills needed for life. Thank you Adore India for turning me into a good leader.
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IMG_20160322_115500There are many people living in world having different personalities. This is the personality which makes everyone unique and different from others. We can never see two people of exactly same personality. It never changes and decided the quality of a person. I am taking the example of me. I am so special in this world and have unique personality than others. I am very responsible and sympathetic person. I always help others and try my best to solve their problems.
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contact no :- 9915173176

college :- Thapar University, Patiala
i believe in being altruist.
volunteering is my favourite part of my life. i believe that it is something that is done form heart and with full efforts moreover done without any selfishness. heilping others is the first job  and serving my mother india is the foremost job of my life. I found out that for doing these jobs ADORE INDIA is the best medium. i would like to suggest all the readers to please take step forward towards volunteering and show that still youth in our nation is kind hearted, helping and unselfish.

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Adore India has become a part of me.The feeling for motherland is instilled in us forever.It has given us a platform to come forward and make a change in the society.Moreover the best part is that it is building us so that the nation builds up on its own.The team at Raipur is great to work with their believe in motivating youth for positive action.
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B-Tech graduate from MIT-Manipal, working as a Business Analyst with a Fortune 250 firm in Gurgaon and a volunteer-coordinator in Adore India.
Working as a volunteer helps me reach out to the young generation of not so privileged children. As a mentor and a friend, I am able to connect with them, fully understand their backgrounds, and help them compete with the rest of world.Helping these kids and seeing them progress day by day gives me immense pleasure.
Being the city coordinator, I also get to speak to and guide new volunteers and organise events in my city.

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Contact Number – 9557845357 ; 7895005730

Email –

Studies in Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Viman Nagar, Pune

*Photo enclosed*

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 RP Rajak

We youngster are the building blocks of our society & nation and its our  responsibility to make society adorable. We must motivate and support our teens & young generation. Key role of youth in society is to renew, refresh & maintain a civilization.


Rampravesh Rajak

City Coordinator, Buxar/Patna  || Adore India
B.Tech (DCE, Darbhanga)
Aspiring for Civil Services 

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student of Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

I completed my graduation in B.Com(H) from Delhi University and Post Graduate Diploma in Securities Laws from Mumbai University.

I love social development work and want to work for my nation through it. I love to write and have interest in various extra curricular activities.

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PursuIMG-20150301-WA0002ing Bachelor of Vocation in Data & Web Analytics

Coordinator in Adore India

I have been part of Adore India from 4 months and Adore India gave me a platform to contribute for the betterment of the nation. Working for good cause gives me immense satisfaction.

As being a part of Adore India I have improved myself and also helped others to improve.

Thank You Adore India for given this platform and keep Adoring India.
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Pursing mechanical engineering finial year.

My journey with Adore India is 8 month’s,teched me more about society and social activities,what way we can help others.

Adore India given me a platform to interact with children and teach them.

If we can change children of our country ,our country standard in good place forever in all kind.

My aim: to do something great to my country.

Adore India is good place for the people who are interested to do something to society as a young.
My activities in Adore India ,we as a team interact with children to solve there problem in education like teaching English, maths, and other skills like public speaking, group discussion
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City Coordinator,Coimbatore,Tamilnadu ||Adore India

I am also working as a volunteer in UI organization and a member of

International Student Volunteers (ISV)

I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life.I volunteer because I’m

interested in making a difference and I feel it is part of being a human being and

we are designed to help one another.I eventually want to do more to make an

impact on children about education.I find something incredibly satisfying about

acting in a way that is consistent and I would like to help people as much as I

can,that is my love,it makes me feel like a better person. Being able to say ADORE

INDIA gave me a space that I changed something in my country,in the lives of

others beyond simply looking after myself.For me,it changes my life from being

purely self-centered to being something with meaning for others too.Being a

volunteer of ADORE INDIA when I teach it makes a big difference to those I

teach.It even teaches me something new about people,about Co-operation,about

Compassion and about myself.

“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.You don’t have to have a

college degree to serve.You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree

to serve…You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics

to serve.You only need a Heart full of grace.A soul generated by Love”

~Martin Luther King,Jr.

Let’s hope to see India in a Better Light .
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hyderabad team

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