Volunteer – Why, How

Work of Volunteers-  Volunteer’s work is to provide a regular interaction, guidance, mentoring, motivation and teaching so that they can be better and responsible citizens.Some students have more problems and need extra attention. Sometimes, this attention is not possible. Volunteers can reach out to these students.

Why this work- Our younger generation needs proper guidance and mentoring. Due to various reasons, they are becoming more and more vulnerable to the negative forces.

Aren’t teachers doing this?-Yes and no. Teachers are overloaded with completing their course and conduct exams. Sometimes the motivation level of teachers themselves is low. During the good old days when education was not commercialized, teacher’s motivation level was to be overall mentor to the students. Not anymore.

What can the volunteers Do?  There are several aspects on which the volunteers can focus. Depending on the type of need, they can either teach them subjects, spread awareness about responsibilities of students, make them more positive, find solutions to small issues that the students are facing, etc.

Where to Find the Students?     Volunteers can connect with the students through schools, friends, teachers, parents. One has to look around. But the students should be located in nearby vicinity so that it is easy for both you and the students to interact conveniently.

How will the volunteers benefit? Volunteers have no material benefit. They will be fulfilling their responsibility towards the society by working selflessly and with commitment. This work requires only 2-3 hrs per week.

How will the students benefit?   The volunteers will be providing the much needed support and direction to these students, who otherwise are at the mercy of negative forces. These students are strongly susceptible to be misguided and lured into bad habits, thereby spoiling their career. These interactions will have the students improve and become better students and better citizens.

How to Make the beginning ?   You can fill the volunteer form, available on the website itself (http://adoreindia.net/volunteering-form/). We will then discuss the process and objectives in details. The volunteering guidelines etc., will be sent by courier after that.