Volunteering Process

Volunteering Process

Any one desiring to volunteer, will need to fill the volunteering application. This is provided after thorough explanation and understanding of the objectives, purpose and process. Only few volunteering opportunites are available for the year 2017. After the volunteering form is filled along with all details as required, we will be sending/emailing you the “volunteering kit” containing  – letter of introduction pamphlets/posters and other material.

Approaching Students

  1. Select a few local schools in your vicinity.
  2. You can contact the schools through teachers or students known to you.
  3. Visit these institutions and seek an appointment with the principal.
  4. Tell the Principal about concept and the objectives. Take Adore India folder, Poster etc. along with you
  5. Work out a schedule to interact with students. You can speak to a particular class or you can speak to a group of students selected from several classes.
  6. You can also approach other places where you can interact with students like social clubs or coaching classes or sports training institutes.

Organizing your team

  • Speak to like-minded friends. Form a team. Close friends, parents, seniors, mentors and teachers will help in establishing contacts. It is easy to work with the help of team members. Regularity and continuity is an important aspect of this program.
  • Plan out an activity with the help of your team members.
  • If the school students are interested and if it is mutually convenient, you can organize weekly subject based classes for the students.


Work Plan

  1. Meet some school authorities and explaining the Adore India process
  2. Talk a few like-minded friends about the concept and activities.
  3. Speak to seniors/teachers about the concept and seek their support and guidance
  4. Organize interaction with the students group
  5. Organize any one social activity

Forming Action Groups of Students

Identify students who can be the leaders to coordinate activities. Assign specific tasks to these students/leaders so that a regularity of action is possible. These students can be given the Adore India badge.