Volunteering Process

Volunteering Process Guidelines


Approaching Students In Schools/Institutions

  1. Select a few local schools in your vicinity. You can also select the school you studied in, if it is nearby.
  2. You may also contact the schools through teachers or students known to you.
  3. Visit these institutions and seek an appointment with the principal.
  4. Tell the Principal about the Adore India concept and the objectives. Look out for queries and suggestions from the Principal. Take Adore India folder, Poster etc. along with you
  5. Work out a schedule to interact with the students. You can speak to a particular class or you can speak to a group of students selected from several classes.
  6. You can also approach other places where you can get interact with students like social clubs or coaching classes or sports training institutes.

Interacting with Students (see list of discussion points).

Talk to students about the problems around them and their responsibility towards the society.

Talk to students about what can be done to improve things around them.

You can ask questions(quiz)  on subject related to current issues, history and Geography of India.

Talk to students about the greatness of our country.

You can organize a writing event based on topics given in the poster.

They can be given pledge form so that awareness can be spread (Pledge forms are available in the kit sent to you)

You can also give clean India labels to the students so that they can organize a campaign near the school or around the locality.

You may discuss about how the students can improve themselves (use the lists provided to you)

Conduct a self-awareness exercise (sample document available)

You can also hold competitions – puzzles or physical exercises

Conduct an exercise where students create “India of my Dreams” taking into consideration various aspects

Discuss how students can improve their school and nearby premises

Have a discussion on things students can do individually to improve environment and nation

Let students work out a code of conduct for themselves which all will follow

Discuss on things students can do collectively to make a difference around them.

Use stories, jokes, puzzles, games, songs for connecting with the students

You can teach them a hobby

Also talk to them about great Indians

Let Students come out with suggestions themselves. Discuss with them how they can implement these suggestions and try to select two or three action areas/issues.

If weekdays if a difficulty, hold coaching classes (Maths/Science/Language) on Sunday. During the course of teaching, also talk about issues related to nationalism and responsibility.




Selecting Students Who Are Interested In Forming Action Groups

After the discussion, identify students who can be the leaders to coordinate activities. Assign specific tasks to these students/leaders so that a regularity of action is possible. These students can be given the Adore India badge.

The students have to take initiative. Do not thrust activities on them. Even if they are slow in action, allow them to be creative and self-confident. Let them hold a meeting within their groups. Guidance and support of Principal or a teacher will be useful.

After an Action Group has been formed, regular interaction (phone or visits) with the students is necessary for taking ahead the activities. Volunteer must guide the students in proper implementation of the activity.

Weekly or fortnightly follow up and interaction will help the school group in becoming very active.


Organizing your team

  • Gradually identify like-minded friends who are interested in working with you. Form a team. Close friends, parents, seniors, mentors and teachers are the ones who will help in establishing contacts. It will become easy for you to work with the help of team members. Regularity and continuity is an important aspect of this program.
  • Plan out an activity with the help of your team members. (see the list of activities for suggestions).
  • If the school students are interested and if it is mutually convenient, you can organize weekly subject based classes for the students. During these classes, you can also spend some time talking about becoming responsible citizens.


Work Plan


The volunteers can organize the work in such a way that there is some development every week. A typical volunteer would be able to work on few of the following every week:


  1. Meet some school authorities and explaining the Adore India process
  2. Talk a few like-minded friends about the concept and activities.
  3. Speak to seniors/teachers about the concept and seek their support and guidance
  4. Organize interaction with the students group
  5. Organize any one social activity


Feedback and Discussion

You are most welcome to discuss and send your queries or problems faced while working. There will be several teething issues and minor problems. Do not worry. Things like exams, vacation, time, space, etc. will always be there and we need to work amidst them. Persistence, sincerity and hard work will ultimately win.

The volunteers have to send a weekly feedback to us on their activities, development and events/meetings held. These reports can be send through the link (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/164Z6XjC9VApNaUQSe39iWDw_azYF8Lltq1-ExWz3QOU/viewform ) or by way of email/ facebook page.(You may take photos and make notes of the discussion during a meeting or event.)



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